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Medical Uses of Wool:

Pressure sores or ulcers ( commonly known as Bed Sores or decubitus ulcers) continue to challenge the health professional. Pressure ulcers occur too frequently when one considers that they can usually be avoided.

Pressure relieving devices can protect the skin from the effects of pressure, friction and moisture. Medical sheepskins are one of the best and cost effective devices available for the prevention of pressure sores. They provide excellent protection when placed under the back, calves and heels.

The new HiTemp Urine Resistant Australian Medical Sheepskin confers all of the above benefits and can be washed at 80oC, to disinfect it. When washed with Woolskin, both thermal and chemical disinfection occurs.

The dense 30mm wool pile of HiTemp Urine Resistant Medical Sheepskins provides an interface between the patient and the bed that reduces pressure, friction and moisture- the primary causes of pressure sores.

Medical Sheepskins M101 + M102

                       M102 HiTemp Urine Resistant Medical Sheepskin

Not only do HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskins give pressure relief, they are extremely comfortable; contributing greatly to the well being of the patient.  

To use HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskins  ( AS 4480.1) for maximum benefit:

1. Place the sheepskin directly on the sheet, drawsheet or seat with the wool facing up.

2. Place the patient so that there is direct contact between the wool and the skin.

3. Prolonged use will compact the wool pile. For maximum benefit, the sheepskin should be removed and shaken to restore the pile. Launder in woolskin as needed. This will restore the pile and disinfect the wool. Comb with a coarse toothed plastic hair brush to revitalise the pile.

HiTemp Urine Resistant Medical Sheepskin is also used in the production of the Sheepskin Even  Pressure Boot ( M171). This elegant boot assures a comfortable fit for all feet. The foot is  placed on the sheepskin sole and the sides and back then wrap the foot in the high density woollen fleece. Being completely adjustable, all feet can be fitted perfectly. Can be washed in Woolskin 


Sheepskin Even Pressure Boot: Suitable for people with foot and ankle problems

Wool is also used for sensitive foot care.

  Footcare  Lambswool- L101 is used to wrap toes to reduce pressure against corns and injuries. This soft, washable lambswool rope is also used to pack ballet shoes.                        

Wrap Lambswool around your toes for improved comfort.

              Sheepskin is used extensively where pressure reduction is needed. See our Catalogue for  pressure reduction products .

               Wool-pile, a cheaper alternative to sheepskin, has a number of advantages. You get the benefits of wool, but are not restricted by the size of the sheep. Machine Washable wool-pile is easy to wash and dries quickly in the dryer . See our Catalogue  for other wool-pile products.

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