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Medical Sheepskin Slippers :

      M170 Sheepskin Medical Boot

 2 Types of Medical Sheepskin Slippers are available from Down-Under Wool: 

1.  Sheepskin Medical Boot:M170 - a Down-Under Wool EXCLUSIVE ( shown above) is made from high quality medical sheepskin and has a cowhide sole for extended wear. The front opens up so that people with swollen feet can easily place their foot in the slipper. The velcro closure can be adjusted to suit the wearer. Available in Small (6), Medium(8), Large(10) and Extra Large(12). Also available with a durable rubber sole-  For other medical sheepskin products, see our  Catalogue

2. Sheepskin Even-Pressure Boot:M171( shown below) is made from HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskin. This sheepskin can be disinfected chemically and thermally. Being Urine Resistant, makes this slipper ideal for the person who has lost bladder control. The whole boot opens up. The foot is placed on the base, the flaps then wrap the foot in a luxurious dense wool pile. The flaps are held in place with fully adjustable Velcro fasteners. The thick sole makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Available in Small (5-6), Medium (7-8), Large 9-10, Extra Large(11-12). For other medical sheepskin products, see our Catalogue.

M171 Sheepskin Even Pressure Boot


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Only premium grade sheepskin is used for Medical Sheepskin Slippers. Please call 1-800-463-1985 to place your order or order on-line by clicking Order


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