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          This web site describes our amazingly effective products made from Australian Medical Sheepskin and Wool-Pile. We have included information about pressure sore prevention using  these materials, together with care instructions to assist those you care about. All of our products can be ordered from our secure online Catalogue, or by calling: 1-800-463-1985

  • Pressure Sores: Pressure sore information. What are they and how they develop.
  • Bedsore Information: Bedsore prevention is the kindest thing you can do for people confined to bed or wheelchair.
  • Catalogue: Complete listing of Pressure sore prevention products. All are available online via our secure WorldPay gateway. Orders are delivered in 5-6 days for most places.
  • Contacting Down-Under Wool: Contact Down-Under Wool via email, phone or fax
  • Down-Under Wool Guarantee: All of our products are guaranteed free from defects and are of the highest quality available 
  • Down-Under Wool - Home Page
  • Inquiry form: Use to ask us questions about our Medical Sheepskin and Wool-Pile products
  • Medical Uses of Sheepskin: Machine washable Australian Medical Sheepskins are used to reduce pressure, friction and moisture..the 3 major causes of pressure sores.
  • Medical Sheepskin: Medical Sheepskins are machine washable. Some are Urine Resistant and washable in hot water; most are not. 
  • Opensores: Pressure sores can develop very quickly and may take months to heal. 
  • Ordering  Information: Shipping charges and methods for orders delivered worldwide.
  • Privacy Guaranteed: Down-Under Wool ensures your privacy and will not conatct you unless requested.
  • Sheepskin: Australian Medical Sheepskin products
  • Sheepskin and Wool-Pile Slippers: Footcare like no other. Our footwear surrounds feet with wool; reducing friction, pressure and skin moisture.
  • Pressure Ulcers: Ulcers develop through 4 stages. Early intervention is recommended.
  • Decubitus Ulcers: The end result of abrasion and moist skin in patients confined to be dor wheelchair.
  • Research results: The research has been done. It shows that Australian Medical Sheepskin and Wool-Pile is effective in preventing or reducing the incidence of pressure sores. You can read the research results here.
  • Washing Sheepskin and Wool-Pile: Use of general laundry detergents will damage the leather of all sheepskins. Follow our instructions for washing sheepskin and wool-pile to clean and disinfect.
  • Wool-Pile: The economical solution to the limited size of sheepskins. Wide range of products will add a new sense of well being to the user.
  • Woolskin -Sheepskin Shampoo and Woolwash- the only product we recommend for the washing of sheepskin and wool. It contains Tea Tree Oil and antibacterials.



We want to make sure that you receive the product best suited to your need. If you have any questions about our products or their use for medical conditions, please contact us - we are here to assist you!


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Down-Under Wool develops & supplies Medical Sheepskin Products for Pressure sore Prevention & Decubitus Ulcer Treatment.

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